How to Become a Software Engineer

Since its beginnings in the 1950´s, software engineering has undergone many changes and even paradigm shifting. From the binary coding to the old Basic “spaghetti” loop coding to Object Oriented (OO) to Small Talk, Eclipse and the questionable Model Driven Architecture (MDA), the field is constantly moving and changing. In Universities around the globe it is standard knowledge that medical students and computer science majors necessarily get very little sleep. But while it is a very challenging field to get into learning how to become a software engineer is one of the most fulfilling choices a person can make.

This blog will explore a great number of things about not only pursuing a career in software engineering but the history of the field, the wide range, and sometimes bewildering array of choices new students have to make, reviews of the different schools in the United States that have the best Computer Science programs, financing options, different curriculum, and many other subjects related to the field. While reading through the material here you will be able to get some suggestions on how to become a software engineer and use them to make the transition into the field a much easier one.

People choose a career in computer science for many reasons and the field has many sub fields to choose from. Not everyone is suited for work in software engineering but might find computer graphic/web design instead. The reverse is true as well. The area that you choose will largely depend on how your brain works. A person who is very visual for instance, but not strong in mathematics might be better suited as a web designer. But someone who is able to mentally picture complex mathematical structures in their mind will find that learning programming and software engineering much easier and fulfilling.

Universities are creating more and more programs surrounding computer science in general and software engineering in general. One of the best things about becoming a software engineer however is that the entire curriculum can be taken at one of the many of the great accredited online Universities and this makes it very convenient for many people who are time challenged. Some of these schools even offer self paced curriculum to allow students to work and in today´s depressed economy and in a time of rising tuition costs this is a vital aspect of this degree choice for many new students. When we consider that a student graduating software engineer can easily start a job earning $60,000 a year with a very good benefits package. The next article in this series will discuss job opportunities in this field to give prospective students a better idea of the future of the field.


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